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‘I Give God the Glory’—Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs Thank God After Winning the Super Bowl

Screengrab via YouTube / @NFL

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs have won their fourth Super Bowl in franchise history. Players, coaches, and fans are all celebrating the big win. Many of them are thanking God for the opportunity.

“I give God the glory,” Mahomes said, according to The Christian Post.

Players and Staff Thank God After the Super Bowl

In more than 50 Super Bowls over the years, this is only the second championship game that went into overtime. Back in 2017, the New England Patriots won over the Atlanta Falcons in overtime.

With such a tight game, the victory is sweeter for the Kansas City Chiefs—and the defeat is much more difficult for the San Francisco 49ers.

In post-game interviews, players and staff were quick to thank God.

Part-owner, chairman, and CEO of the Chiefs Clark Hunt received the Vince Lombardi trophy—signifying the team’s victory. As Hunt received the trophy, the NFL commissioner announced that “this is the first time a team has repeated in almost 20 years.”

Hunt stepped up to the microphone to congratulate the team on an incredible performance. He also wanted to express words of appreciation. “I want to thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity,” said Hunt.

He then went on to reflect on what his parents, Lamar and Nora Hunt, would think of the day’s events. Lamar was the Chiefs’ founder and owned the team for decades, before Clark took on a leadership position. “I couldn’t help but think of my parents and how proud they would be of this football team,” Hunt said. “At their heart, they were the biggest Chiefs’ fans in the world, and they would love celebrating another world championship with the best fans in the NFL.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also thanked God for not just the Super Bowl opportunity but for the entire season. “It means a ton. Just the adversity we dealt with this year and to come through. The guys never faltered,” Mahomes said. “I give God the glory. He challenged us to make us better. I am proud of my guys. They did awesome. Legendary.”

Mahomes went on to give an account of the game, the highs and lows—including his “dumb interception.” He then spoke of when Tom Brady, who currently holds the record of seven Super Bowl wins as a quarterback, led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their victory over the Chiefs in the 2021 Super Bowl. “It gives me something to strive for. Every single day is chasing greatness,” Mahomes said. “Whenever I’m tired, I might not want to work out. I know that I have to do it in order to be in these moments like this.”

Media and fans often doubted Chiefs wide receiver, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, throughout the season. But he is still celebrating scoring the touchdown that won the championship game. In a post-game interview, he said, “They left me wide open, and I had to make sure I secured [the catch] so it can help this team win a game.” He was also quick to thank God. “Man, we just want to thank God,” Valdes-Scantling said.

“You know we got a great team that just battled through adversity all year. You know, and just showed the resilience that we have to go out and compete against one of the best teams in the NFL—and bring it home.”