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Missouri Pastor Beaten With a Baseball Bat; Suspect Faces Multiple Charges

Gregory Darnell Seddens, Jr.
Photo by Michael Förtsch (via Unsplash)

Gregory Darnell Seddens Jr. is facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing property from and beating a Missouri pastor with a baseball bat.

This same pastor had previously welcomed the 34-year-old Seddens into his home near St. Louis and let him stay there temporarily.

Man Accused of Beating a Pastor With a Baseball Bat

According to local news, Seddens allegedly approached the pastor while the pastor was sitting in a vehicle on Jan. 8. Seddens had a baseball bat and used it to break the windows of the vehicle.

When the pastor got out of the car, Seddens then began to beat him in the legs and head with the baseball bat.

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It was reported that, during the attack, a person acquainted with Seddens got into the pastor’s car and drove off. Police said that the pastor had captured video footage of his car being driven away and Seddens walking away from the scene (Lee Avenue and Peck Street, near the Fairground neighborhood).

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said that Seddens then returned to his own vehicle and drove off, leaving the pastor lying in the street.

The pastor—the victim—told police that he knew Seddens, as he had allowed Seddens to stay in his home in University City, Missouri.

Police also said that while Seddens was staying at the pastor’s home, the pastor noticed multiple items missing. So the pastor approached Seddens about the missing items and later reported the suspected theft to the police.

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Police officers suspect Seddens retaliated against the pastor for reporting the theft.