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Brandon Lake Doesn’t Hear ‘Churchy Stuff’ When He Listens for God’s Voice

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When Brandon Lake really takes the time to listen to God, he doesn’t hear “churchy stuff” or “Christianese.” Instead, the worship leader and recording artist, who recently discussed his experience with depression, hears God speak in a way that is “personal” and “elementary.” 

“I don’t hear churchy stuff,” said Brandon. “When I’m just talking to God and I really hear his voice, it’s not these grand things. It’s very personal, and it’s very elementary. One of the quickest things I hear God say [is], ‘I like you. I like spending time with you. I think you’re funny.’” 

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The artist, who got emotional while sharing these thoughts, made his comments in a conversation with his father, Mac Lake, on the “General Leadership” podcast, which covers “family, life, leadership, creativity, and much more.” 


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In the first episode, Mac and Brandon discussed the importance of physical and spiritual health. Both have struggled with depression, with Mac sharing that he battled it while pastoring a church. Each man agreed that it is important for people to care for their physical bodies and their inner lives. 

Brandon Lake: Listening to God Will ‘Change Your Life’ 

Brandon Lake is a worship leader at Seacoast Church in South Carolina and a Dove and Grammy Award-winning artist who has collaborated with Bethel Music, Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music.

Brandon’s father, Mac Lake, is a church planter and has served in several pastoral roles during his career, including as a youth pastor, associate pastor and lead pastor. His ministry has focused on developing local church leaders.

Mac and Brandon began their conversation discussing how Mac went about turning his physical health around. Brandon said Mac looks like a “chiseled Greek god” at age 61 and that his father’s health is a far cry from where it was when Brandon was a child. The conversation later turned to Brandon’s mental health and how that took a turn for the worse following his sudden success.

Brandon said that when he started getting unexpected opportunities in his musical career, his success came on quickly—but so did the depression that followed. The musician said he did not anticipate having a mental health crisis because he is generally a happy person.