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QB Kirk Cousins Grateful That ‘God’s Plan’ Brought Him to Atlanta

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Veteran NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins, an outspoken Christian, officially became a member of the Atlanta Falcons this week. After six years in Washington and then six years in Minnesota, the 35-year-old said he hopes to “retire a Falcon.”

Cousins signed a four-year contract for a guaranteed $100 million.

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As one of the league’s most vocal Christ-followers, Cousins credited God for leading him and his family to Georgia, where they have connections and relatives. “As God’s plan would have it,” he said, “this is the time that [the move] aligned, and we’re thrilled that it did.”

Kirk Cousins: Leaving Minnesota Is ‘Bittersweet’

In a video posted on Mar. 13, when he signed with Atlanta, Kirk Cousins admitted it was a “bittersweet day” for him and his family. He thanked the entire Vikings organization and “the people of the Twin Cities, the people who we did life with on a regular basis.” Because of their impact, Cousins said, “Minnesota will always hold a special place in [our] hearts.”

Cousins’ wife, Julie, is from an Atlanta suburb, and her parents still live nearby. In 2014, Kirk and Julie got married near Atlanta, and one of their two sons was born there.

Cousins shared a family photo from his contract-signing in Atlanta, writing, “My boys and I are learning the Dirty Bird Dance ASAP. Rise Up!”

Kirk Cousins Lets God Lead the Way

After appearing in the 2023 Netflix series “Quarterback,” Kirk Cousins took some friendly ribbing for exuding dad vibes. He drives a minivan, lets his wife pick out his clothes, and is a fan of Kohl’s cash.

Due to a torn Achilles tendon last October, Cousins’ 2023 season was cut short. While recovering from that injury, the QB said, “I’m excited to write the next chapter and see what God wants to do with it, whatever it may be.” Cousins emphasized that his football career isn’t his own but that he’s a “steward” of God’s career. “I’ve just gotta surrender myself and let him lead where he wants to go,” he said.

Cousins, who grew up as a preacher’s kid, said his family has prayed Ephesians 3:20-21 over his career since his playing days at Michigan State. As a team leader, Cousins said his goal is to “elevate those around me.”

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At the 2023 Super Bowl Breakfast, the four-time Pro Bowler received the Bar Starr Award for character and leadership. After his acceptance speech, Cousins presented the gospel and invited attendees to put their faith in Christ. Then he led a prayer of salvation for anyone who wanted to follow Jesus.