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‘God Is an Amazing God,’ Says Pastor Whose Daughter Miraculously Survived Car Wreck

kevin mullins
Screenshots from Facebook / @Kevin Mullins

After his daughter survived a harrowing car accident over the weekend, former Tennessee Pastor Kevin Mullins shared images of the wreckage and proclaimed, “My God is an amazing God!”

Although a guardrail pierced the entire length of his daughter Kenzie’s vehicle, she sustained only minor scratches on her hands and feet.

Mullins’ two-minute video quickly spread on social media, with almost 250,000 likes on Facebook by midday Monday (March 25). The video also went viral on TikTok, with hashtags such as #Godisgood.

Pastor Kevin Mullins Praises the God Who Saves

In a voice filled with emotion, Mullins began his video by saying, “My daughter called me this morning. And she was just saying over and over again, ‘Dad, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Dad, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

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Panning from Kenzie’s upside-down, mangled car, the father continued, “As bad as this looks, as bad as this is, I want you to see something. You’ve gotta see this…This is my daughter. She was in this car. My God is an amazing God.” Kenzie, sitting in her father’s truck, was crying but unharmed.

Then Mullins said, “I serve an amazing God. If you don’t believe in him this morning, you can look at this.” Panning back to the wreck, he continued, “That guardrail is on the driver’s side. She crawled out the back window. And she was in the road when I got here.”

“My God is amazing. He is amazing. If you don’t know him, contact me,” said the pastor. “Ask me. I will tell you about an awesome God that not only saved my daughter from this wreck but will save you from your sins and eternity in hell. That’s why he came to this earth. To die for you.”

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Please worship him this Sunday morning,” Mullins urged listeners. “Please. Worship him. If you are a lukewarm Christian, remember how big a God you serve and get on fire for him.”

Pastor’s Daughter Credits God for Saving Her Life

According to his Facebook bio, Kevin Mullins is a former Baptist pastor, a former teacher at a Christian school, and a former church planter with the North American Mission Board.

Mullins also shared video of Kenzie recently singing a worship song in church. “This is my daughter that God spared this morning,” he wrote in the caption. “She sang before I preached a couple weeks ago.”