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Candace Cameron Bure, Kirk Cameron, Greg Laurie and Sheila Walsh Discuss the Power of Prayer

Takeaways With Kirk Cameron
Screenshots from YouTube / @KirkCameronTBN. L: Kirk Cameron. C: Candace Cameron Bure. R: Greg Laurie

Prayer is a powerful and essential element of the Christian walk, and new believers don’t need to be intimidated by it, said the guests in a recent episode of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) “Takeaways With Kirk Cameron.” Cameron was joined by his sister, actor and producer Candace Cameron Bure, Pastor Greg Laurie, and author, Bible teacher, and TBN host Sheila Walsh.

“God doesn’t always answer prayers the way we want him to, but [prayer] is so important because it not only connects us to him but it’s just saying, ‘Lord, I am dependent upon you, no matter what happens,’” Bure explained during her brother’s show. 

‘Takeaways With Kirk Cameron’ Focuses on Prayer

Kirk Cameron, who became famous through the sitcom, “Growing Pains,” and starred in three “Left Behind” movies that were released in the early 2000s, launched “Takeaways” in 2021. 

Similar to her brother, Bure became famous as a child through starring on a sitcom. She played D.J. Tanner in “Full House,” later starred in the reboot, “Fuller House,” and is now an executive at the Great American Family channel.

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Bure said she’s “not one of these spiritual, super powerhouse, prayer people, verbally.” While she loves praying, she is not quick to volunteer to do so in a group. “I don’t feel as confident in that,” she said. “But I pray so much, and I see God answer so many things, to the smallest tiny things and sometimes really big things.”

“You’ll be amazed,” said Bure. “If you don’t have a prayerful life, or you don’t know how to pray, it’s just talking to God.”

Bure said she can tell if she forgets to pray for a period of time. After a week or more, “I notice such a massive difference in my life.” But when she remembers to pray, the practice brings her closer to God.

“It connects you to God so much because when you see the little prayers being answered,” she said, “it’s reminding you every day, God’s with me, God’s with me.”