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Candace Cameron Bure, Kirk Cameron, Greg Laurie and Sheila Walsh Discuss the Power of Prayer

However, the difficulty of reconciling God’s nature with the suffering in the world is a tension that Christians hold in faith, Walsh said, noting that we have to accept “not always understanding the way that God works.”

Walsh and Cameron also discussed how prayer can look different for different people. Walsh said her husband has a habit of praying while taking a walk in their neighborhood at night. 

Cameron said his wife does something similar. She prays while standing beside a large oak tree when she takes their dogs for a walk in the morning. “And I just see her out there with her hands raised, and she’s praying for our children, she’s praying for our health, our family, everything,” he said. “And I find, for me…I like to just sit on a rock outside at night under a starry sky and just ponder the vastness of space, and say, ‘God knows the name of that star out there.'”

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“Just to have a conversation with someone that powerful that cares, that’s life-changing,” said Cameron.

Walsh encouraged people to persevere in prayer, even if a lot of time goes by and it appears that God is not listening. “A lifetime is not too long to pray,” she said. People might be praying for the salvation of those they love for years without seeing change. “Don’t give up,” she said. “Keep praying, keep praying.”