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Kirk Cameron’s New Book Is About Loving Your Enemies; He Plans To Sit Down With His

Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron photo courtesy of BRAVE Books.

Kirk Cameron’s new children’s book, “The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare,” was released this week by BRAVE Books and explores the biblical theme of loving your enemies found in Matthew 5:43-44.

The story is about a young fox named Asher who learns to be kind and even help his enemy, Stewart the Giraffe, win the Hive Haven Invention Fair.

Cameron told ChurchLeaders that “parents have a sacred responsibility to do everything we can to provide a good future for our children and our grandchildren. And right now, we are tanking their future by fighting with one another over everything.”

“We’re fighting over politics. We’re fighting over money. We’re fighting over moral values. We’re fighting over religion,” he added. “Look at Ukraine and Russia. Look at the Palestinians and the Israelis. Look at the Republicans and the Democrats. These things can all be traced back to brothers fighting against brothers for hundreds and thousands of years.”

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Cameron asked, “Who’s gonna stop the crazy train here and give our kids something better?”

Several years ago, Cameron heard a testimony from parents of a son who was murdered by a gang member. He said that they “spoke about their unwavering faith in God, about his goodness and faithfulness and his ability to bring good things out of evil things.”

Then the couple invited a young man onstage, and he shared that he violently killed the couple’s son before being sent to prison. The former gang member said that the parents of the young man he killed visited him in prison, telling him that they didn’t hate him and sharing the gospel with him.

“We love you, and we will be committed to praying for you,” they told the young man who murdered their son. Cameron said that when the former gang member got out of prison, the parents legally adopted him and raised him “in a loving home with a mother and father who treated him as their own natural born son.”

Cameron said that after he heard that story, it changed his view on how to deal with enemies and is the inspiration for “The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare.”

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After the book was finished and Cameron read it again, he shared how it deeply impacted him. “I thought to myself, you know, it’s not enough for me to just write a book and tell kids, ‘You need to do this.’ I need to practice what I’m preaching.”