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‘My Identity Is Secure Forever’: Two-Time Masters Champ Scottie Scheffler Glorifies God

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After winning his second Masters Tournament in three years, pro golfer Scottie Scheffler spoke of eternal victory, saying his “identity is secure forever” in Jesus. Scheffler, 27, admitted he loves winning on the course. But he said his wife and friends regularly remind him that Jesus loves him no matter what—and that his “victory was secure on the cross.”

On Sunday (April 14), Scheffler finished the Masters at -11, four strokes ahead of his closest competitor. That earned him a second green jacket at Augusta, Georgia, and a $3.6 million prize. Scheffler, who’s been ranked No. 1 in the world for 80 weeks during his career, also won the 2022 Masters.

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During post-tournament press conferences, Scheffler admitted he was eager to return home. Meredith, his wife of four years, is expecting their first child in a few weeks. Earlier, the golfer had indicated that if his wife went into labor mid-tournament, he’d leave the Masters, even if he was leading.

Golfer Scottie Scheffler: God Calls Me To Glorify Him

Scottie Scheffler often speaks about the importance of his Christian beliefs. In response to a reporter’s question Sunday, the golfer said his faith is what defines him. “I believe in one Creator, that I’ve been called to come out here, do my best, compete and glorify God,” he said.

Scheffler said he hopes golf doesn’t define him too much because it’s “a selfish sport,” with many demands on your time. Golf is maybe his fourth priority, he said, calling it “an endlessly not-satisfying career.”

Scheffler explained that though he was trying to answer journalists’ questions, “All I can think about right now is getting home…I think that’s what the human heart does. You always want more, and I think you have to fight those things and focus on what’s good.”

Winning the Masters or any other title doesn’t change who Scheffler is. “It’s a pretty special feeling to know that I’m secure for forever,” he said. “I believe that today’s plans were already laid out many years ago, and I could do nothing to mess up those plans.”

About his God-given talents, Scheffler said he strives to use them all “for God’s glory” because “that’s how I was designed.”

Franklin Graham was among the high-profile figures who congratulated Scheffler on Sunday’s victory. On social media, the evangelist shared a quote from the golfer, writing, “I’m thankful that Scottie isn’t ashamed to talk about his faith.”

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At his press conference, Scheffler credited his wife with consistently praying that he will experience God’s peace and presence. The high school sweethearts dated long distance during college, while Scottie played golf at the University of Texas, and then married in 2020.

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Meredith told Golf Digest she was attracted to Scottie’s down-to-earth, “super humble ambiance.”