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‘All I Did Was READ GOD’s WORD’—Sound Engineer Trusts in Jesus After Listening to Jackie Hill Perry Record Audio Bible

Then his birthday came around, and Felton was supposed to record with Perry that day. He initially resisted the idea of coming in on his birthday but “felt something telling me to come and do it anyways which now I know was the Holy Spirit,” Felton said. “I come to the studio and the first book we read is Genesis, and I slowly felt the pull of God on my heart and my heart began to soften as I listened to the first few words of the Bible.”

“When I was a child,” he continued, “I knew Jesus and loved Genesis and Exodus, because those events were so amazing to me listening to them as a child. We then read through Leviticus, [Deuteronomy], and Numbers, and then I became hooked.. God had put a hunger in me to learn more.”

In fact, when Perry finished recording, Felton “was upset because I wanted more. But these next words that God spoke through her changed my life for eternity.”

Perry told Felton, “You know I’ve been praying for you.. I don’t think this is a coincidence you being forced to come record the Bible everyday.”

Noting he wasn’t technically being “forced” because he was simply doing his job, Felton said that Perry’s words “just left me speechless. I didn’t know what to say. She then told me if I ever wanted to talk to her about the bible to message her.”

Perry said that between her recording of the prophets and her recording of Genesis, she asked Felton for his thoughts, “and he said something like, ‘It’s as if they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Like they don’t get it.’”

That summary “is literally a synopsis of the entire Old Testament,” said Perry. “I responded by saying, ‘Well, the book we’re about to read now [Genesis] will explain the reason no one listens to God.’”

“That was last year. Today after church, [Felton] came up to me and told me that while I was reading Genesis, the Lord used His word to draw him,” Perry said. “And now, [h]e’s a believer, a member of a local church, and an evangelist. When I say, I wanted to run around that church building!”

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