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‘All I Did Was READ GOD’s WORD’—Sound Engineer Trusts in Jesus After Listening to Jackie Hill Perry Record Audio Bible

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Sound engineer William Felton was saved from pornography addiction and depression to new life in Jesus in 2023 as a result of listening to Jackie Hill Perry record the Bible on audiobook. Perry revealed on Instagram Sunday that she had prayed for Felton throughout the recording process, and Felton shared how God transformed his heart.

“[Perry] being a servant, planted a seed and God began to water it and open my eyes,” Felton said in a post on Dec. 27. “I began to pray more and read the Bible for myself and God started to do a mighty work in me. One day in my room I just surrendered fully to the Lord and he filled me with his Holy Spirit.. i am redeemed in Christ now!!!!!”

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“In that studio, I didn’t preach a sermon. I didn’t exegete a text. All I did was READ GOD’s WORD and that alone brought my guy from death and into life,” Perry said in the caption of a photo of her and Felton. “I say all of that to say, God doesn’t need antics to save souls. If you just give folks His word, you would be amazed at what He can do!”


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Jackie Hill Perry Prays for Sound Engineer

Jackie Hill Perry is a Christian author, speaker and hip hop artist. Last year, she recorded an audio version of the Bible for Crossway. “Doing it in a studio meant I’d have an engineer there to make sure the sound and all of that was good. A particular task the engineer had to take on was reading the Bible along with me to ensure that I didn’t skip any words,” Perry explained. “Knowing this, I would pray before every session that God would use His word to do a work in the engineer’s heart.” 

“This man right here worked alongside me while I read most of the major and minor prophets. Before each session, I prayed for him hoping that God would grant Him understanding since the prophets ain’t the easiest to make sense of sometimes,” Perry said. “On certain days, I’d pick his brain on what he thought about Amos or [Habakkuk] just to get a sense of where he was with it.”

In his December post, Felton described the state of his inner life before he took on the project with Perry. “Earlier this year, I had no thoughts of God in my mind,” he said. “I was chasing this music industry so hard this screen right in front of me was my god. A false idol. I was stuck in pornography addiction and was so depressed.”

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Felton works for Patchwerk Recording Studios and “around March” was tasked with working with Perry as she recorded the Bible on audiobook. “I didn’t want to do it [at] first but I took a chance because I believed in God and figured this could be good for me to learn about the Bible more,” Felton said. However, “after months of us working I started to hate it, and dread it.”