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Beth Moore and Abby Johnson Push Back on John MacArthur for Mental Health Comments

Beth Moore John MacArthur Abby Johnson
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Pastor John MacArthur is taking some heat for claiming that the idea of mental illness is a “noble lie” used to profit Big Pharma.

“The major noble lie is there such a thing as mental illness,” MacArthur said during a panel discussion with Costi Hinn, Aaron Logan, Scott Ardavanis, and Jonny Ardavanis at “For the Valley Bible Conference” on April 20.

Among those who voiced concern with MacArthur’s comments was Living Proof Ministries founder, Bible teacher, and Christian author, Beth Moore, whom MacArthur once famously told to “go home.”

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In a reply to the post from the person (Pastor Dean Defuria) who made MacArthur’s comment viral on social media, Moore said, “I’ve had several very serious conversations with my daughters and my board concerning my public voice in my aging when filters naturally thin and we’re at greater risk of saying more than we should.”

“Please love and respect him enough to sift what should and shouldn’t be publicized,” she asked. “There is simply no way he could know, for example, what my husband has endured over being in a fire with his brother when he was a toddler and watching him burn and not acknowledge the reality of PTSD.”

Renowned pro-life advocate and Christian counselor Dr. Abby Johnson blasted MacArthur’s comments.

“John MacArthur just publicly proclaimed that he has zero understanding of PTSD or any other mental health disorder,” Johnson said. “I have my doctorate in Christian counseling and anyone reading this who is struggling, this is NOT truth.”

“This is NOT what Jesus wants for you,” Johnson added. “He wants health and wholeness for your mind, body and spirit. That often includes therapy and sometimes medication. And that’s OKAY. Please do not feel ashamed for seeking health. Seeking help is the courageous thing to do. ❤️

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Pastor and Christian singer Steve Camp also disagreed with MacArthur’s words. “I love my brother John MacArthur,” he said. “But his conclusions here are stunningly unwise, misinformed and lacking biblical footing. I’m very surprised this is John’s diagnosis especially regarding PTSD.”

Ethan Jago, a veteran and pastor, agreed with MacArthur. “As a veteran who has a PTSD diagnosis, I concur with what is said. The thrust of what MacArthur is stating all boils down to living in a fallen world where sin is rampant,” he said. “I have also seen several of my friends suffering get meds shoved down their throats.”