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Hulk Hogan Describes the Impact of His Christian Testimony on Former Wrestling Foe Roddy Piper

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In a new interview, retired pro wrestler Hulk Hogan described how his recent baptism represented a “major pivot” in his life. Speaking to Tom Buehring on “The 700 Club,” Hogan said his baptism last December broke down walls, allowing him to “tell people the truth about my Lord and Savior.”

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, emphasized that he’s “all in” with the Lord. Believing in Jesus “just seems like such an easy choice for everyone, if you’ll just surrender and accept him as your Savior,” he said. The 70-year-old, wearing a shirt that said “John 3:16,” also discussed the character aspect of pro wrestling and the comfort of knowing that God is in total control.

Hulk Hogan: Just a ‘Meat Suit Filled With the Spirit of Christ’

When asked what Jesus brings to him, Hulk Hogan responded, “That God presence in us, you know, that still small voice. What Terry brings to the table is a meat suit…a meat suit filled with the Spirit of Christ, and it’s a testing ground for me.”

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Although Hogan became a Christian at age 14, “I derailed,” he admitted. “[Christ] has given me the opportunity to prove that I’m faithful, and I’ll never make those same mistakes again,” said Hogan. “Going back to my faith, the momentum was overwhelming. There was nothing stopping me.”

Pastor Aaron Filippone of Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Largo, Florida, spoke about the worldwide “ripple effect” of Hogan’s baptism. “This is the way that Christians go public in their faith, and he felt it important to do what Christians do,” Filippone said. While reposting video of Hogan’s testimony, the pastor wrote, “Proud of Terry. Excited about what God is doing in his life. Honored to be his pastor.”

Hogan described the challenges of being involved with the “crazy genre” of wrestling, including having to play a character. “The moment I walk out the front door,” he said, “the world doesn’t want Terry,” just the Hulk.

Comparing that to the Christian life, Hogan said, “It’s almost like people [who] say they’re a Christian and they know of our Lord and Savior, but they really don’t know him. Everybody I meet’s a wrestler, talking about wrestling, but there’s a huge difference when you actually get in that ring.”

How Hulk Hogan Witnessed to Former Foe Roddy Piper

During the interview, Hulk Hogan paused to talk about “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, a former wrestling foe who died in 2015. “He was really trying hard to…surrender and try to get his life straight,” said Hogan. Although the two men “couldn’t stand each other” for 25 years as wrestlers, they began texting each other “every single day” in retirement.

“We basically had some conversations and…he started asking me about my spirituality,” Hogan continued. “[Piper] really didn’t connect, but he was very curious. He wouldn’t surrender, and all of a sudden he passes away.”

Two days later, Hogan received a text-to-voice message from Piper, who told him, “I’m just loving you, my brother. I’m just walking with Jesus. Walking with Jesus and loving you, my brother.”