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Kirk Cameron Promotes ‘Faith, Love, and Patriotism’ at ‘See You at the Library 2024’

Kirk Cameron
Screengrab via Fox News

Christian actor and activist Kirk Cameron has fought criticism and censorship for promoting family, faith, and country—especially in his recent children’s books. Cameron announced another “See You at the Library” event this summer; it will take place in multiple locations on Aug. 24 to bring “huge change to our nation.”

“Let’s be about love. And let’s teach our children the true meaning of love. And that’s what our movement and the See You at the Library Day is all about this summer,” Cameron told Fox News Digital.

Kirk Cameron Invites Families To ‘Be About Love’ and Join ‘See You at the Library’

As an outspoken Christian and father to six grown children, Cameron hasn’t backed away from sharing his views on faith, family, and the role of our country. He and his sister, Candace Cameron Bure, have publicly challenged parents and families to instill wholesome values in their children.

Cameron called out parents and grandparents in their “most sacred duty.” He pointed out the important role “to teach your children what is important, love God with all their hearts, and care for others.”

In the middle of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Cameron went on to say, “And that doesn’t mean waving a pride flag. Love—the supreme and superlative virtue—has always been opposed to pride.”

See You at the Library 2024 seeks to “celebrate a return to American, constitutional, and biblical values” at libraries around the country. Families, with children of all ages, gather for a story hour containing wholesome books that uphold traditional values.

“This year, as Pride Month is upon us, we’re seeing more of an inundation than ever of children [as young as] two and four years old,” Cameron said, “through television shows like ‘Rachel’ getting over 100 million views and inviting transgender [individual] Dylan Mulvaney on the program.”

Cameron continued to cite Pride events involving children, saying, “And the Guinness Book of World Records just recorded the largest drag queen story hour in the world, with 268 people.”

Cameron said, “It’s not a surprise to anyone who loves God, who loves their children and who loves America that our country and our children are under assault today.”

“There is no time to waste when it comes to teaching our children what’s important,” Cameron said. “I think we’re in the position that we’re in now as a nation due to the failure of good people to teach their children what is important.”

“And sadly,” he added, “we’ve believed the propaganda and the lie that others are better equipped to teach our children what’s important, like public schools or even youth pastors at churches.”

In the midst of these staggering reports, Cameron asked, “And so what do we need?” He continued, “We need courage. We need hope. We need faith. And that’s what our movement is endeavoring to instill into the hearts of parents and grandparents so that they can raise their children.”

Cameron told Fox News Digital of the incredible support he has received from thousands of families across the country. “We are calling on families all across the nation to double what we did last year,” Cameron said. “We want to see over 500 libraries, 600 libraries, in all 50 states and tens of thousands of people gathering to say that we want to return to the American constitutional and biblical values in public libraries.”

“Let’s teach our children the true meaning of love,” affirmed Cameron. “Love embraces humility. Love speaks out against sin courageously. Love never bows to the crooked and perverse winds of a culture that seeks to enslave your children and take away their future.”