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‘Nefarious Forces Are Targeting Children’—Kirk Cameron Warns Goal Is To Collapse the Family

Kirk Cameron
Screengrab via YouTube @One America News Network

Former “Growing Pains” actor, Kirk Cameron, said “nefarious forces are targeting children” during an interview Thursday (May 11) on One America News Network (OANN).

While standing in front of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cameron was asked about his book reading at Cherry Hill Library in New Jersey that took place last month.

Cameron shared it was so crowded that even after library employees removed a dividing wall in the room containing all the people who showed up with their children to hear Cameron read his BRAVE book “As You Grow,” many were still left standing outside the room.

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After being told that they wouldn’t be able to get in the room, those left standing in the line that started on the second floor and wound downstairs to the lobby started singing worship that could be heard throughout the library.

“They were doing church in the public library and it brought me to tears of gratitude,” Cameron said. The actor did say they were able to do a third reading for those who hadn’t gotten in initially.

“Progressive leaders” across the nation have reacted to Cameron and the group at BRAVE books by saying communities don’t align with the values that are found in his book—peace, joy, love, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. “I often wonder which value don’t you align with,” said Cameron, “because your communities sure do.”

At the readings, parents in those communities show up with their children in droves, Cameron said. They do so because “these are the values they want to get back to. They are longing for the things that will return America to her blessings and to her protection.”