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‘Pray for Me’—Beth Moore Shares That She ‘Seriously’ Needs Surgery

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Screengrab from YouTube / @LivingProofwithBethMoore

Bible teacher Beth Moore shared that she is in urgent need of surgery, news that she received after meeting with one of the top neurosurgeons in Houston on Friday, June 14. In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Moore said she has essentially exhausted the options for addressing the severe pain she is in.

“You marvelous loved ones who’ve been praying for me, I was at the Texas Medical Center much of the day and got to see one of the most highly recommended neurosurgeons in Houston,” said Moore. “No surprise that I seriously need surgery but the ball is rolling. It will probably take till mid August to do all the things required for it but I am deeply grateful.”

Beth Moore Gives Health Update

Beth Moore is an author, a Bible teacher, and the founder of Living Proof Ministries. In a social media post in May, Moore told her followers that she was in a high degree of pain because of a “years-long” back condition. She requested prayer and said she expected that her spinal issues would require surgery.

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Now, that expectation is confirmed. “When [the neurosurgeon] showed me the images, I nearly fainted. It’s no wonder the pain has been unrelenting,” Moore said. “I’ll not get into what surgical measures are anticipated because, the thing is, I don’t have a lot of options. I have practically tried it all.”

“This has gone on so long, I can’t even imagine being out of pain,” she continued. “I’m so happy and full of hope that I won’t have to live like this forever!!”

Moore said she would not “carry on about it” and that she would let everyone know when she sets a date for the surgery. “Until then, just pray for me as the Lord leads and know that he is my joy and keeps my spirit buoyed and my frame strong,” she said. “He is well able to get me through 8 more weeks! I love you guys in our active little community so much. Thank you for your prayers! They are gold!!! God bless you back 100-fold.”