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‘He’s Wrong’—Trump Reveals Franklin Graham Told Him His Speeches Would Be Better If He Didn’t Cuss

Donald Trump Franklin Graham
Screengrab via YouTube @The Times and The Sunday Times

During a rally in Philadelphia over the weekend, presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Franklin Graham recently told him that his speeches would be better if he stopped using “foul language.”

Graham, who is the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham and the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has been a vocal Trump supporter since 2016.

While giving his speech, Trump started to call President Joe Biden’s recent executive order on immigration “bulls**t” but stopped himself short of swearing.

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Trump proceeded to share that he doesn’t “want to use bad language” because Graham, whom Trump said he “likes so much,” wrote him a letter, saying, “Mr. President, I love your speaking. Your ability to speak is incredible. Your storytelling is great, but it could be so much better if you didn’t use foul language.”

Without hesitation, Trump said that Graham’s assessment was “wrong.”

“But I have been working so hard and it’s not that hard,” Trump added. “The problem is, if you don’t interject every once in a while—I’m only talking about one or two times during an entire [two-hour] speech.”

“One or two,” Trump said. “Franklin, give me one or two words.”

Trump shared with the crowd that he was “really good” at a “Faith and Freedom” rally earlier that day. “I didn’t interject, [but] it could have been better if I used a couple of bad words,” he said. “When I see people start to walk out, then we’ll stop, okay?”

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Again saying that he likes Graham, Trump proceeded to swear, saying, “So I’m not going to use the word ‘bulls**t.’”

“I refuse to use it,” he added, telling everyone that “it’s not that bad of a word.”