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‘There Is a God Who…Wants To Be Near You’—Lecrae Encourages Those in a ‘Dark, Dark Season’

Screengrab via TikTok / @_lecrae

Christian hip hop artist Lecrae often encourages others along their faith journeys. The successful rapper is also authentic and transparent about his own struggles. He recently recorded words of hope in response to countless despondent YouTube videos.

“There is a God that loves you. That he created you with purpose,” said Lecrae in a recent video. “And, yes, you are experiencing brokenness because we live in a broken world, and you and I have contributed to the brokenness in this world.”

‘I Can Relate’—Lecrae Gives Hope to Those Struggling With Anxiety and Depression

The Christian artist hasn’t been silent on his struggles and extensive deconstruction process that helped him heal past church hurt and solidify his authentic faith in the one true God.

Lecrae has been open and honest about past and current struggles and even credits artist Montell Jordan for helping save his marriage. “I remember being at a place where I was like, ‘I don’t think me and my wife are gonna make it. I think this is a wrap,’” recalled Lecrae. Through hard work, surrender, and dedication, he and his wife, Darragh, are still married.

Life continues to be rough, even for the successful music artist. And he’s open about it with his fans.

“A few nights ago I was struggling with anxiety and I started watching YouTube videos of other people’s struggle [sic]. My heart broke, and I felt led to post a video on tik tok and encourage and pray for folks,” he said on Instagram.

Lecrae described how he wrestled with God over the idea, as he has his own opinions of such videos. “I low key hate tik tok prayer videos,” he said. “They are admittedly cheesy to me. But God was prompting me. I was like noooooo!”

But he recorded and posted the video from his closet at home. “I don’t know who this is for but I felt God wanted me to say it,” offered Lecrae.

Discouraged himself, he began to watch YouTube videos of others “struggling with anxiety or depression” and wrestling publicly. “My heart just started breaking for folks,” he said. “I can relate.”

“Before I wrestled with severe depression and anxiety, I don’t think I would have been very empathetic,” Lecrae continued. “I think I was just a bootstrapper…just ‘get yourself together.'”

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Through walking the journey of deeper discouragement and anxiety himself, Lecrae was able to share that his “ailment has given me the compassion that God desires.”