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Blac Chyna Talks to Lecrae About Giving Up OnlyFans, Her Baptism, and ‘Rollin’ by Faith’

angela white
L: Lecrae. R: Angela White. Screengrabs from YouTube / @LecraeOfficial

Angela White, who became famous under her persona “Blac Chyna,” joined Christian hip hop artist Lecrae on his podcast Thursday to talk about her spiritual journey out of lifestyle that included stripping and performing on OnlyFans. White countered the idea that her financial success has made it easy for her to give up that way of life to follow God. 

“This is a lifestyle,” she said on “The Deep End With Lecrae.” “You need more money to make more money, if that makes sense.” When Lecrae asked if there were ever a point where she felt as though she had “made it” in her career, White said she still does not feel that way. 

“It’s just always rollin,’” she said. “For a long time, I would just hustle, hustle, hustle, just grind, grind, grind. Stay up for days…just working, trying to just get stuff done.”

When Lecrae asked how much she had been making when she was on OnlyFans, White said, “I made millions from offa there.”

He observed, “For you to say, ‘I’m done doing that,’ something genuinely had to change in your life.” Lecrae added that some people think her new commitment to Jesus is a publicity stunt.

“Nobody needs publicity when you already Blac Chyna,” she replied. “You just walk outside.”

Angela White’s Unfolding Story

Angela White is an actor, entrepreneur, rapper, television personality, model and mother of two. As a teenager, she started performing in strip clubs under the stage name “Blac Chyna,” which was a persona that eventually “overspilled.” White was a popular stripper and rose to fame after Drake name-dropped her in a song and she was cast as a body double for Nicki Minaj in a Kanye West music video.

White said she joined OnlyFans in 2020 while in the middle of a costly court case, likely referring to her defamation suit against the Kardashians. During that time, she was in need of money.

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In March 2023, White publicly revealed that she had been baptized on May 11, 2022, which was her birthday. At the end of 2022, she deactivated her OnlyFans account with no “backup plan” for how to pay her bills.

Before White deactivated her account, she called her bishop, who praised God at the news and was on the phone with her when she took the momentous step. White told Lecrae that she needed faith to trust she would be ok and that in the year-and-a-half since, “We’ve been rollin’ by faith this whole time.”