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Brandon Lake Says the Local Church Is the ‘True Hero,’ Discusses Release of Children’s Book and Family Life in the Midst of Touring

Brandon Lake
Brandon Lake at the 2024 K-LOVE Fan Awards. Photo credit: ChurchLeaders

In the past year, Christian worship artist Brandon Lake has completed one of the largest tours of his career, received three Grammy Awards and four Dove Awards, hosted the 2024 K-LOVE Awards, and received K-LOVE Fan Awards for both Male Artist of the Year and Worship Song of the Year.

Lake accomplished all of this in addition to being a husband to his wife, Brittany, and a father to their three boys.

Brittany told ChurchLeaders that although her husband is busy touring, she feels as though she has more of “Brandon now than I ever have, because when he’s home, he’s home.” This wasn’t the case when he “worked at the church.”

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Brittany said that those who work in ministry know that “it is 24/7. It’s not 9-5.” She added that the current season of life the family is in now “has been so sweet, because he has gone, [yes,] but then he’s home and he’s taken the kids to school and he’s doing all of the dad things.”

“I feel like Brandon has gotten to be a dad more than [he was] before with our last little one,” she added.

Lake shared that he gives everything he has when he’s on the road, which allows him be fully present when he’s at home.

“That’s not something that happened immediately,” Lake said. “When I came off my first tour, I didn’t know how to mentally transition and be present with my kids, because I was trying to recover.”

But now, he explained, “I’ve developed some tools to where I feel like when I come home, I can immediately be present” for his family.

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“Communication” is the key, Lake said in reference to his marriage—he and his wife ask each other questions that specify their feelings, struggles, wins, and losses.

“When you experience a really big high, the mountaintop moment” like having one’s dreams come true by touring “or you’re in the valley, we still try to fill the void with everything else but God,” said Lake.