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Benny Hinn Promises Those Who ‘Sow Seed’ Money Will Be Protected During the Darkest Days ‘In the History of Mankind’

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Screengrab from YouTube / @bennyhinnministries

Benny Hinn, who is known for faith healing crusades and preaching a prosperity gospel, recently told his followers that donating “seed” money to his ministry will guarantee them financial protection in the midst of a future that will be darker than any other in human history.

“Well, listen, I want you to give to the Lord’s work. I want you to sow seed in the Lord’s work,” Hinn said at the end of a video titled, “Shameless Begging.” “We are facing days of such darkness and such danger unseen in the history of mankind. Unseen since Adam. Worse than anything that has happened in the past…and only those who’ve been faithful in giving to God’s work will be protected financially in those days.”

“A faithful man will abound…with blessings,” said Hinn. “So this is not just for now; this is for the future. A faithful man will abound with blessing. You can’t lose your seed. Any farmer will tell you that. You can’t lose your seed. Your seed goes into your tomorrow. Your seed goes into your future.”

Benny Hinn: ‘God Will Bless You’

Benny Hinn is a televangelist, author, and faith healer who leads Benny Hinn Ministries and holds “miracle crusades” throughout the world. He is commonly associated with the prosperity gospel, an ideology that says true faith in God will result in blessing, often in the areas of health and finances.

Notably, Hinn’s nephew, Costi Hinn, grew up accepting the prosperity gospel and Hinn’s ministry but has since rejected both and spoken out against his uncle’s teachings and lifestyle. 

Hinn has made statements in the past distancing himself from the prosperity gospel, such as when in 2019 he said “prosperity has gone a little crazy” and that he was “correcting my own theology.”

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Earlier this year, Hinn expressed regrets for “mistakes” he has made during his time in ministry. Those regrets include some carelessness with prophecy, as well as his view of prosperity. “I came to the conclusion in 2019 that I don’t want to be part of the gimmickry of it, and I still stand by that,” he said.

Hinn asked for people’s forgiveness and said, “I’m striving with all my heart to be as biblical as possible with that.” He added that when he asks for donations to his ministry in the future, “I will do it as biblically as I know how—and balanced.” However, Hinn’s request for donations at the end of his video explicitly tied God’s blessings and earthly financial security to people giving money to Hinn’s ministry.