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Logan Paul Hears the Gospel on His Podcast Thanks to Connecticut Pastors

logan paul pastors Cliffe Knechtle Stuart Knechtle
L: Pastor Cliffe Knechtle. R: Logan Paul. Screengrab from YouTube / @Impaulsive

On a recent episode of his “Impaulsive” podcast, pro wrestler, actor, and YouTube personality Logan Paul spoke to a father-son pastor team about sin, the existence of God, doubt, hell, and more. Paul, 29, said he was raised as a Christian but then “grew out of it and just became a little bit more curious about the world.”

His guests for Episode 417 were Cliffe Knechtle, senior pastor of Grace Community Church in New Canaan, Connecticut, and his son, assistant pastor Stuart Knechtle. Describing their nondenominational background, Cliffe said, “We’re more concerned about how have you responded to Jesus Christ, not how have you responded to organized religion.”

For more than two-and-a-half hours, the faith leaders fielded questions from Paul and his co-host about Christianity, salvation, and modern-day social issues. Paul’s podcast has more than 4.6 million subscribers.

Cliffe Knechtle and Stuart Knechtle Talk to Logan Paul About Sin and Salvation

The wide-ranging conversation touched on the problems of evil and sin, the Fall of mankind, the meaning of a soul, and what happens to people when they die. Paul’s co-host asked the pastors if gaining access to heaven is simply a matter of accepting Christ and following him—or if there are “some ways to get your ticket canceled.”

Cliffe Knechtle responded by talking about Jesus’ Good Friday conversation with the thief on the cross. “Jesus’ value system is on the line,” he said. “He could’ve looked the guy in the face and said, ‘Get down off of here to say 12 Hail Marys, work in a soup kitchen, and if you do a good enough job, maybe you’ll make it.”

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“He didn’t say that,” said Knechtle. “Instead, he said, ‘I tell you the truth. Today you’ll be with me in paradise.’ And that’s grace. That’s amazing grace, God’s undeserved offer of forgiveness, his generosity.”

He continued, “Jesus points out that I’m not going to heaven because I live a good life. I’m going to heaven because of his grace, his offer of forgiveness. But if my faith in him is genuine, it will be shown in the way I love him, honor him, and obey him.”

Podcast Episode Addresses Evidence for Christianity

Logan Paul admitted he has always struggled with the “proof” for Christianity, saying he hasn’t really had a “come-to-Jesus” moment. He asked the pastors why he should choose Christianity when so many faith options are available.

Cliffe Knechtle then emphasized all the historical evidence for Jesus and his sinless life. He mentioned Jesus’ “amazing ethical teachings” as well as his willingness to die for and forgive his enemies. “Most importantly,” said Knechtle, “three days after he dies, he physically, bodily rises from the dead, and over a period of 40 days, he appears to over 500 people who see him different times, different places, risen from the dead.”

The pastor recommended reading the gospels because they’re the “eyewitness testimonies” about Jesus.