Settle This In Your Hearts

Settle this in your hearts

Settle this in your hearts: “Whether I am up or down, the Lord Jesus Christ is the same. Whether I sing or sigh, the promise is true and the Promiser is faithful. Whether I stand on the summit or am hidden in the vale the covenant stands fast and everlasting love abides.” – Spurgeon

Settle This in Your Hearts

Last Friday, a man in our church was in a snowmobile accident and broke his neck. For the first couple days he was in intensive care, unable to sit up or eat, and unsure as to the extent of his injuries. Yet his wife, Satin, told me that from the first night, despite being in a lot of pain, Dave was joking with the doctors and nurses and in good spirits. And both Dave and Satin have steadfastly kept their eyes on Christ, confessing complete confidence in his love, goodness and sovereign purpose in this trial.

Yesterday the doctor went through the front of Dave’s throat and attached steel plates to two of his vertebrae to fuse them together. In God’s kindness, there was no damage to Dave’s spinal cord. Dave will have to wear an uncomfortable neck brace for a number of weeks, but he should be fine eventually.

Again today, Dave and Satin glorified God, declaring his sovereignty, goodness, faithfulness and love.  How can they do this? Because they have settled this in their hearts: Whether they are up or down, Jesus Christ is the same. Settle this in your hearts: the Promiser is faithful. The covenant stands fast and everlasting love abides.

How about you? Have you settled this in your heart?