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4 Things People Want From Church

people want from church

People are coming and not coming to your church for a reason! Every day I talk to pastors who have their church services full of visitors. I also hear countless stories of how some visitors stay and later become members. On the same note I also hear how some visitors only come once and never come again. This leads me to understand people are searching for something that draws them beyond a one-time visit. It also leads me to understand what people want from church and creates in them the passion to seek Christ daily, but what is it?

I believe the main motivation should be and is to have a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. After all, that is why the Church exists, but what are people looking for that makes them want to attach their selves to a certain body of believers?  What draws them back time and time again?

Recently I had a conversation with someone who outlined four things he desperately wanted and needed in a church he called home. I want to share those with you today. I believe they hold great value and are the four things people want from the Church in which they decide to become a member.

4 Things People Want From Church

1.  Acceptance

Without a doubt this one makes perfect sense. People want to feel not only welcomed and loved but also wanted. Even after they have made their first visit. So many times, as churches, we tend to be excited when a visitor comes the first few times, only to write them off once they come regularly. If we want to retain the people who visit us, we must truly be gracious and humbled by the fact God has given us another friend to whom we can minister. Is your Church a place that welcomes people beyond the first visit?

2. Accountability

This one may not seem like a likely choice, but after people have accepted Christ as savior, they genuinely want to follow through on that commitment. They desire to have those who will help them achieve this daily walk with Christ—just like a person who is trying to lose weight likes to have those who will go to the gym with him and help keep  him on track to the goal. Is your Church a place that motivates and provides  partnership to the goal of serving Christ?

3. Discipleship

As stated above, you find that once people commit their life to Christ they genuinely want to follow through on it. They desire to know more about their faith whether it’s newfound or not. One thing people want from church is to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to improve what they are doing. Is your Church a place of learning that equips the believer with the tools necessary to survive in the Christian walk?

4. Opportunity

This last one is just as important as  the others. It’s the natural effect of a growing Christian, to want an opportunity to get involved more in the ministry of the church they attend. People want to be a part of something. People want to serve, and we must not forget God wants them to serve as well. As a Church we must be excelling at preparing our members for service. Giving them an opportunity to serve Jesus. So many times we can fail because we wait too long to get new members involved in serving. They want to serve, and we must let them. Is your Church full of opportunities to serve?

Is your Church a place of acceptance, accountability, discipleship and opportunity? Will you rise up to the challenge, and make these a part of your efforts? What other things do you think people want from church?