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11 Things Not to Get Your Pastor for Pastor Appreciation Month

pastor appreciation month

Pastor Appreciation Month is half-over, but there is still time to bless your pastor(s) with a show of appreciation for their labors.

The best Pastor Appreciation gift I ever received was a Husqvarna chainsaw from the Burk family. They got tired of hearing the stories about my Poulan, which Eric considered an imitation chainsaw. I love cutting down trees and carving up firewood; the Husky was and is a formidable weapon in the battle for cellulose fuel.

Almost every pastor will express gratitude for almost any gift, unless, perhaps, it’s an industrial size canister of Hai Karate aftershave. So, in the vein of “How to Be a Blessing not a Curse,” here’s a list of:

11 things NOT to get your pastor to make Pastor Appreciation Month that much more enjoyable.

1. A gift card to your favorite restaurant.

Everyone in the church knows you believe God created Shoney’s on the eighth day, but your’s is likely a minority opinion.

2. Tickets to the Florida-Georgia Line concert.

An appearance at such a pseudo-musical event might be considered ministry disqualification.

3. A copy of Calvin’s Institutes.

If they don’t already own a copy they don’t want one.

4. A suit. 

Especially if you shop at Suit Barn.

5. A book that “corrects” the most recent sermon series.

It’ll go on the shelf right beside My Colonoscopy: A Pictorial Memoir.

6. Anything to read, watch or listen to that “we can sit down and talk about later.”

Nothing additional needs to be said about this.

7. An annotated history of your church

…with all the two-year-long tenures highlighted.

8. Howard and Vestal Goodman salt and pepper shakers.

Because they’ll go in the closet with the Gaither Homecoming tea set from last year.

9. A copy of the church directory…

…with your family photo signed.

10. A certificate to Swim With the Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium.

That’s just too obvious.

11. A set of Nicolas Cage and Kirk Cameron Left Behind bookends.

Seriously, though, unless you are stone broke, get your pastor(s) something besides a hug and a handshake. This is a month to show appreciation in a way that is out of the norm.

“Remember your leaders who have spoken God’s word to you. As you carefully observe the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith.” Hebrews 13:7 (HCSB)