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5 Ways to Lead for Increased Spiritual Impact in 2022

He is undoubtedly right, no one debates this, but we are to be encouraged; Jesus has overcome the world! (John 16:33)

The problems we face never disappear, but the presence and power of God gets us through with peace. Of course, we can’t eliminate suffering, but we are not in it alone or without purpose.

When it comes to truth, clear over clever always wins.

Yes, being creative enough to reach people is needed, but if you want power in your ministry, make sure it’s fully grounded in scripture.

5. Lead With Hospitality

The pandemic has made human connection and hospitality more challenging. A new year is a great opportunity to meet that challenge by helping all who attend feel comfortable, valued, and at home when they attend your church.

Not everyone, but a significant percentage of people who once attended church, have unquestionably become more distant, disconnected, and anxious about the future. When they do return, we must be ready with genuine hospitality.

When new guests attend your church in a physical building, they deserve (and the gospel deserves) the very best of your heartfelt hospitality.

It’s important to have organized teams and processes for your ministries.

From the parking lot experience to the initiative and intentionality of ushers and greeters to how well you follow up with the needs and questions of your guests, all are incredibly important.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The heart behind it matters even more. Do the guests who attend your church feel your love, do they know you care and do they sense they are valued? That will determine in large part if they return.

How would you assess the readiness of your hospitality teams?

My prayers are with you, and I hope this specific list of ways to lead well in 2022 is helpful to you!

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.