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4 Common Sins Christians Are Oddly Okay With

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Christians are well known for being anti-sin. Being repulsed by sin is critical to the Christian faith. It’s because of sin entering the world that humankind has found itself in the predicament of being separated from God.

The good news is Jesus making a way for us to have victory over sin and to be redeeming us to the Father. We celebrate this. We cherish this. We dedicate our time, heart, and mind to serving the One who has made a way for our lives to be changed and saved.

And this is the way it ought to be. I truly believe many Christians desire this for their life. The event of moving from unbelief to belief is all consuming.

The life we once enjoyed is nothing in comparison to the life Jesus offers. We once viewed the way we lived our lives as acceptable, but once our eyes were opened we realized all of it is tainted by sin. We see the world for what it truly is and only find hope in the midst of it, because of God’s promises to restore all things. In our minds, we understand that everything has changed.

At the same time, in some ways, it seems as if nothing has. We’re still living in this world, and the fullness of God’s glory and salvation has not been poured out into our lives.

As we continue to live in the already but not yet, we struggle with applying our repulsion toward sin in our day-to-day lives. And though we don’t like to admit it, our view of sin is somewhat lighthearted. We often make passes for certain common sins in our hearts and lives.

I don’t believe we’re necessarily intentional about accepting certain sins and not others. Nevertheless, we might be ignorant to the damage it’s causing in our lives and communities.

The list of acceptable sins in the life of Christians will look different for each person, but here are four common sins that Christians tend to be oddly okay with. We must be aware of and repent of them.

4 Common Sins Christians Are Oddly Okay With

1. Right Theology Without Love

We are the people of the bible. There is no greater authority in our life than the very words of God. The bible is very straightforward regarding matters of salvation, and if you stray from these core truths then you can hardly be considered a Christian.

Then there are many other issues and topics we wish the bible were more straightforward on, such as church structure, the end of the world, use of technology, and many other matters that are uniquely pressing to the twentieth century.

The reality is many servants of Christ arrive at different conclusions to a great number of these topics. That doesn’t sit well with many of us, because we want to know what the right way to view everything is. So we work hard to determine what that is.

The trouble is when someone else doesn’t subscribe to our same (right) theological camp. There’s nothing wrong with holding to your theological convictions and living your life accordingly. But we have to be cautious about letting this lead to a sense of self-righteousness or superiority.