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3 Truths for When Christians Don’t Remind You of Christ

The bible calls us to not withhold grace and forgiveness from others, because Jesus didn’t withhold it from us. Our heart for others should be the same as Jesus’ heart towards them. We should desire restoration and redemption even for those misrepresenting Jesus. Our hearts should not grow cold and callous towards our fellow Christians whose actions are detestable. We must continue to respond with the heart of Jesus rather than our fallen nature.

This doesn’t mean we excuse or condone the actions of those acting out of step with the gospel. We must stand for truth and justice. But we can’t throw love out the window. This is a fine line to walk and one we must be intentional about. Even in our righteous anger and firm stand on biblical truth, we can’t become imbalanced in our own desire to shine the light of Jesus.

So, yes, have conversations with other Christians on their actions and don’t feel the need to soften the truth, but go into those conversations with the desire to equally display love.

Be Angry, but Do Not Sin.

There’s nothing wrong with being outraged by the current display of Christians, but we must caution our hearts from creating division among the Church. As believers, our intentions should be to display the glory of Christ and not to go on a rampage of how corrupt and distorted the Christian faith in America has become.

This article with things to remember when other Christians don’t remind you of Christ originally appeared here and is used by permission.