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Good Theological Questions: What Are Reasons for God’s Existence?

good theological questions

Good theological questions deserve lots of time and attention in youth group and teen Bible studies. Both unchurched and churched teens will ask some version of this question, especially after a evolution unit in biology class:

What are some arguments for the existence of God?

Asking good theological questions shows that teens are engaging with their faith. Getting students to grapple with arguments for God is awesome because:

  • It allows them to intelligently dialogue with other unchurched people. They’ll be able to talk to students, friends, family, and teachers about God’s existence without using the Bible.
  • Kids will get to use their brain before they leave youth group and enter the world of higher education.
  • Questions challenge teens to take a deeper ownership of their Christian faith.
  • Tough topics make them aware that different and godless worldviews exist.
  • Good theological questions encourage young people to see how science and faith are compatible. Science answers the how questions. Faith answers the why questions.

5 Reasons for God’s Existence (That Make Sense to Teens)

1. Archaeological

Fossils confirm the people, animals, time periods, events, and places that ancient documents and the Bible address. I highly rely on the the Cambrian Explosion to explain some unique fossil records that support the Christian worldview. During the Cambrian Explosion, between 50 percent and 80 percent of all animal phyla to ever exist on earth appeared.

The traditional evolutionary explanation argues that life should transition from simple to complex in a gradual, branching, tree-like fashion. On the other hand, such explosive appearances are exactly what should be expected if a Creator is responsible for orchestrating life’s history.

2. Cosmological

The world could not exist on its own. So a first cause must have brought it into being. Something cannot come from nothing. That notion goes against the first law of thermodynamics, which God created.

3. Teleological

The universe is greatly complex by design. So it must have been designed by a great Designer, or God. For example: The earth is finely tuned. Astrophysicists determined that if the value of the coupling constant for electromagnetism on the earth were four percent smaller or larger than what we observe, life would be impossible. In the case of the coupling constant for the strong nuclear force, if it were 0.5 percent smaller or larger, life would be impossible. Essentially, the earth has the perfect amount of gravitational pull to sustain life. If it were off by just half of a percent, we would all be dead.

I would much rather argue that God designed the perfectly fine-tuned and complex systems that govern earth. That’s much better than saying the universe randomly formed out of nothing! (These examples are from Hugh Ross’s “Finely Tuned Earth” lecture at reasons.org.)