40 Ways You Can Invite People to Church

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Here are 40 creative ways your church can invite people to church because one of the primary reasons every church exists is to share and live the Gospel and invite people to join His kingdom. Since the church is the display of God’s glory on earth, and since Jesus said HE would build His church–the church should be central to our lives and faith. So inviting people to your church should be a part of your core mission.

Here are forty great ways you can invite people to our church. You don’t need to organize it … you and your small group, class or friends can just do it.

1. Grill out for the employees of a company or business.

2. Set up our party trailer, which comes with a grill, moonwalk, helium tank and balloons, video games, chairs, etc. at any community events.

3. Dress up like a Star Wars character wherever there are people and take pictures with kids and families.  Give them a special invite card with the location they can download the picture.  You will have a blast and invite a bunch of people to church.

4. Tailgate at high school football games.  Give away hot dogs and invite people.

5. Set up a moonwalk at a local park while events are happening.

6. Volunteer at community runs and bike races.

7. Hand out coffee or hot chocolate at the First Friday events in downtown Cartersville.

8. Give out hand warmers with the church logo at winter events like the Christmas parade.

9. Do a free oil change or car inspection in the House of Rock parking lot.

10. Show UFC fights on Saturday night and provide food for men to hang out.

11. Host a block party for your neighborhood.  Again, the party trailer is available.

12. Provide “full service” at a local gas station – wash windows and leave a car freshener.

13. Show free family movies at the House of Rock on Friday nights.

14. Help local schools with their fall festivals.  Instead of re-creating the wheel, just help a school make their event better.

15. Take professional pictures at local school talent shows.

16. Visit a nursing home.

17. Take a couple of hours and put out door hangers in your neighborhood or apartment complex.

18. Go put invite cards on car windshields.  Try not to get arrested … that keeps it fun.

19. Be intentional about coaching a kids sports team.

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Michael Lukaszewski
After two decades as a student pastor, church planter, senior pastor and leadership consultant, Michael Lukaszewski now leads the team at Church Fuel, an organization dedicated to providing insanely practical resources to pastors. He and his wife have three children and live in the Atlanta area. Learn more at churchfuel.com.

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