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6 High-Impact Mother’s Day Outreach Ideas

4. Have available information about the Christian faith they can look at later.

Whatever system works best for you, either a bulletin insert, URL, QR code, have a place where visitors can check out Web sites that explain the Christian faith. An invitation to latte with the pastor next week at the local coffee shop for open-ended Q&A about the Christian faith is another option.

Let them know they are welcome to come back anytime—but again, do it with a light touch.

5. Do more than preach—additional events can provide great impact and encourage visitors to return.

Consider a very upbeat, outreach-oriented mini-ministry fair for that day so visitors can experience and explore what your church does on a regular basis. For example, many single adults (the unchurched adult children who come to church only on Mother’s Day) often don’t have any idea that many churches have fantastic single adult ministry programs. A table with literature, food and fun people, welcoming visiting guests and inviting them to return might be just the thing to get them to attend on a regular basis.

For the unchurched husbands to see the men of your church around a literature table that talks about upcoming construction projects, help-the-poor work days, golf outings or sports events, and that is staffed by men who reach out, welcome and engage visiting spouses in conversation, is an incredible gift to give to the mom who comes every Sunday on her own. Some men who don’t regularly attend church have never talked to a man who goes to church and does construction work or have any idea that men at church do more than pray or read their Bibles.

6. Celebrating all women.

Instead of focusing on mothers, shift the focus to all women and offer flowers to each one with a thank you for all that women do for the people in their lives. For many women and even men who’ve divorced or lost a spouse, Mother’s Day can be extremely difficult. Encourage everyone to remember the contributions women—mothers or not—have made in their lives.

Whatever you do, honor mothers in the best way possible—by helping those they love come to know Jesus.

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