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6 Tips for Singles During Quarantine

singles during quarantine

There are 6 tips for singles during quarantine that just might help you get through this season.

Ah yes, another article about this virus. This invisible man who haunts the landscape of our minds, yet most of us have yet to encounter firsthand. The microscopic specter who paces our stresses and anxieties, caressing and encouraging them.

I picture Sir Coronavirus in a velvet-backed chair stroking his cat while the world goes mad.

One of the terms I’ve heard circling lately is the idea of “Corona Babies” being created during this quarantine period. Families or couples who are holed up together get bored and have little else to do… “There will be a baby boom come December,” they say.

That’s great for those who have a babymaking pard’ner, but what about us single folk? What about those of us cooped up with our roommates like me, or worse, all alone?

Experientially, this feels like staying home sick from school, but the reality is different because we are not actually sick. We have opportunity to create new things, read, or most likely, binge watch every video on the internet. The temptation exists for me to just sit around, waiting for this thing to pass while streaming whatever Netflix tells me is trending today, while on my phone reading news updates about this freakin’ virus.

6 Tips for Singles During Quarantine

Since we are all in this together, I have a few thoughts to ponder while we pass through this new territory together. It’s nothing profound, nor are they “things you must do in order to stay safe!” Just thoughts from a single extrovert slowly losing his mind.

Singles During Quarantine: Don’t Just Consume.

Like I said, the temptation for all of us will be to passively digest entertainment until the quarantine is lifted and we can return to normal life. There is absolutely room to sit around and enjoy some films and series, but if that’s all we do, we will have wasted these days.

Something to always keep in mind whenever you take in any media, not just in this season, but always: Consume media with your brain turned on. There is no such thing as mere entertainment. Every show, song, film, and YouTube series may be premised as just entertainment, but whatever we consume makes assumptions about the world and how ethics should function. We often digest these blindly and before we know it, we share the same moral ground as the rest of the world.

For instance, most people my age believe sex outside of marriage is permissible. Did someone explicitly tell them this, or was it slowly absorbed from every movie and TV show out there today, until finally the ethic became a part of their mental fabric? Everyone on Friends, The Office, and Modern Family is sleeping together as if it’s no big deal, so why should we think it is?

Just make sure to absorb all media with your brain on, or else it will slowly inform how you live your own life before you know it.

Singles During Quarantine: Keep in Touch.

If we’re honest, the biggest temptation for us single people will be to practice the fine art of babymaking, but without a partner. Porn and masturbation are already running rampant as (without going into too much detail) I’ve seen countless memes about the activities of lonely folks forced inside, and we can only expect it to get worse.