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6 Ways To Pray When It Doesn’t Seem Like It’s Working

Human circumstances are real, and they influence how we pray; we are not to pray flippantly or foolishly but still believe that God can.

The moment you stop believing that God can — doesn’t change God; it changes how you pray, and sometimes if you pray.

It’s easy to get stuck in that thin space between knowing God can but not believing He will. So don’t make up God’s mind for Him; pray your heart’s desire!

3) Ask God to reveal the bigger picture.

Who among us knows the mind of God? Yet, He gives us access to appeal to Him about what we don’t know or understand.

At times I’ve thought my prayers were a cop-out when I pray big and bold, but then I include, “If it’s your will.” But candidly, my prayers need to be in alignment with God’s will; He can’t go against His own nature.

And why would we pray differently than God’s will?

With that in mind. It’s better to start our prayers with “God, reveal your will to me” and “Jesus, teach me to pray.” Both of those work well for me and will for you too.

The point is that when we have a better idea of God’s purpose and plan, right where we are leading, we gain more confidence in our prayers.

God is not keeping secrets from us, but we are often not ready for all He knows. Still, there is always a little more we are ready for. Ask God for that.

4) Borrow someone else’s faith.

One of my favorite and spiritually encouraging stories is our founding, and senior pastor tells about the early history of 12Stone Church.