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6 Ways To Pray When It Doesn’t Seem Like It’s Working

The early years of the church plant were tough; in short, it wasn’t working. Pastor Kevin (PK) was ready to give up. He talked with his friend and senior pastor of the church, who sent him out about maybe coming back. The pastor responded, “If you no longer have enough faith, borrow mine.”

The pastor, Wayne Schmidt, believed God was still in it and very much with Kevin. So, PK did just that; he “borrowed” Wayne’s faith and stayed with it for another year. Over thirty years later now, we are all so glad he did.

Do you need to borrow someone’s faith for a season?

That could radically impact your prayer life and leadership.

5) Recall and reflect on past miracles.

When I hit those moments or seasons when I’m not sure my prayers are working, I reflect on previous answers to prayer and especially the miracles.

I suppose we can say that every answer to prayer from God Himself involves the miraculous, but by miracle, I’m speaking of things that we know are not only impossible without God but defy human understanding or ability.

Reflecting on miracles reminds me that God is with me and fully engaged in my calling and role as a husband, father, and leader.

6) Pray with someone else.

Have you ever wondered about the prayers that have been lifted up on your behalf that you never knew about, and perhaps by people you’ve never met?

That thought encourages me about the power of the body of Christ and deeply humbles me that I have likely received many of those prayers.