10 Ways to Become a Plastic Church

What is a Plastic Church?

A Plastic Church is a church that looks like church from the outside: building, services, staff, etc. Who knows, there may even be a steeple! On the inside, however, the Plastic Church barely resembles a church at all. No real community of believers, no prayer, no real concern for people, no application of Scripture in real life, no transformation.

These are all signs of a real, authentic church. Could you have a Plastic Church or be on your way?

Here are 10 Ways to Become a Plastic Church:

1. Devalue authenticity.

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Don’t create an environment where people can come as they are, baggage and all. This is easy when you, the church leader, are not authentic and genuine. Act as if you have it all together, and everyone else will act the same way!

2. Don’t push people to serve out of obedience to Jesus.

Talk instead about what’s in it for them. Better yet, don’t encourage people to serve at all.

3. Be a fake Follower of Christ.

There is no better way to have a fake church than to be a fake follower of Christ as a church leader. Talk the talk, but don’t get off your tail to walk the walk. Be a Plastic Church leader.

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Chad Missildine
Chad Missildine is a Pastor with LifeChurch.tv in Fort Worth, Texas with a focus on leadership & community development. In three years, he has helped develop the first LifeChurch.tv campus outside of the Oklahoma metro area to reach a weekly attendance of over 1,000 people. Prior to ministry, Chad was an entrepreneur in real estate, luxury home construction & business. He blogs regularly at TheWayItCouldBe.com, encouraging cultural impact through personal transformation.