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a good marriage

It’s Not the Right Partner for Marriage if Your Fiancé Doesn’t Have This Quality

When it comes to choosing the right partner for marriage, there are no silver bullets. However, if your potential spouse doesn't have this quality, your chances of a good marriage dwindle significantly.

A Contentious Person Creates One of the Most Miserable Marriages Imaginable

If you’re single, don’t marry a contentious person. If you’re married and contentious, you need to kill this tendency before it kills your marriage.
baby, baby

Oh Baby, Baby: Amy Grant’s Biggest Hit Turns 30

Grant gives credit to her band, her producers and others around her for making "Heart in Motion" the success it was — and for helping her manage the expectations that come with a huge hit.
wedding reception

45 Wedding Reception Ideas for a Christian Marriage

You have an opportunity to honor God and shine the light of Jesus in your reception--just as you did in your wedding.
identify as gay

PCA Leaders Say Those Who Identify as Gay Are Not Qualified for Ordination

Pastors and church leaders in the Presbyterian Church in America passed an overture at its General Assembly this week saying those who identify as gay are not qualified for ordination in the conservative Presbyterian denomination.
Christian Dad memes

13 Christian Dad Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Christian Dad Life

These Christian dad memes perfectly sum up this crazy Christian life with kids. Let's be real: Christian fathers don't always get the accolades they deserve.
single dads

How Do You Help the Single Dads in Your Church?

Single dads are on the rise. Here's how to minister to them.
comfort zone

Help Your Church Break Out of Its Worship Comfort Zone

If we practice worshipping in ways we aren’t comfortable with then we will get more comfortable stretching our comfort zones in all aspects of our lives.

When Preaching Hurts More Than It Helps

In my experience of more than 30 years of preaching the gospel, I have found there are times preaching hurts -- and we do more harm than good with our messages.

Anti-Porn XXXchurch Site Owner’s Message: ‘Things Aren’t Getting Better’

XXXchurch has a new owner with a renewed vision and message for church leaders. XXXchurch is a Christian ministry that has helped thousands of people battle pornography addiction by providing online resources, support, and community.

Planned Parenthood Sets Records With 354,871 Abortions, $618.1 Million in Govt Funding

Planned Parenthood performed a record 354,871 abortions in 2019-2020 and received a record $618.1 million in government funding.
Christian dating principles

10 Christian Dating Principles That Could Transform Lives

The Christian dating principles we follow are extremely important because they have the potential to transform lives and shape eternities. With that in mind, here are 10 important guidelines for Christian dating.

Ask Yourself These Two Questions Before You Agree to Get Married

Determining someone’s character can be a bit tricky if your brain is a little fogged by infatuation, so I’ve come up with a question that helps singles look at their potential mate with a little more clarity:
ian morgan cron

Ian Morgan Cron: How the Enneagram Can Transform Your Preaching

"One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life," says Ian Morgan Cron, "is to assume that your way of seeing the world is normal."
weekly churchgoers

With the Exception of Weekly Churchgoers, Americans’ Mental Health Is at a 20-Year Low

There is only one group of people who have actually managed to increase their “excellent” and “good” ratings in a year that has brought stress, anxiety, and worry to many. According to the survey, weekly churchgoers are still faring well.

5 Ways for Divorced Christians to Find Peace on Earth at Christmas

Life after divorce is full of hurdles, spiritual, physical, and emotional. The major holidays just seem to magnify those hurdles. The good news is, you’re not alone. The Creator is inviting you to a life filled with faith, hope, love, peace, and joy, at Christmas and always.
Luci Swindoll

Luci Swindoll Dead at 88 After Contracting COVID-19

Luci Swindoll died on October 20, 2020 at the age of 88. Her death was a result of complications associated with contracting COVID-19.
there was jesus

WATCH Dolly Parton Perform Her First No. 1 on a Christian Chart

Country music legend Dolly Parton has collaborated with Christian artist Zach Williams on the single "There Was Jesus" and achieved her first top single on one of Billboard’s Christian charts.
looking for a chruch

When Looking for a Church, Beware the “Right Fit”

“I’m looking for a church that’s just like me.” Few people would say it quite so crassly, but the sentiment is common. I often hear...

How Your Space Speaks: Who Is Welcome Where?

In my research on age segregation and integration, I ran across a discussion on how spaces, public spaces and private spaces, had become spaces that were generationally-specific by design and intent.

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Alan Hirsch joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about why he believes the American church is out of alignment with Jesus and what we need to do to put our focus back on him.