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WATCH: This Is How Steven Curtis Chapman Is Celebrating His 50th No. 1 Song

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Screenshot from Twitter / @StevenCurtis

Steven Curtis Chapman recently became the first contemporary Christian musician to have 50 number one singles. To celebrate that achievement, Chapman is going to share videos of himself playing the chorus of each of those singles over the next several weeks. 

“In honor of receiving my 50th #1 song a couple of weeks ago (still having a hard time believin’ that!) I thought I’d share a chorus of each of my fifty #1 songs over the next few weeks, starting with my very first in 1988 ‘His Eyes,’” said the artist on Twitter.

Steven Curtis Chapman Sets Record

Steven Curtis Chapman has five Grammy Awards and 59 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, as well as 16 albums listed on the Billboard 200. He is currently on tour promoting his new album, “Still,” released in October. 

The song, “Don’t Lose Heart,” is the single that enabled Chapman to set his record. It is from “Still” and speaks to the grief Chapman and his family have walked through over the past few years. In an “I Am Second” video, Chapman describes a tragedy his family suffered in 2008 when his 5-year-old daughter Maria Sue was killed after being hit by an SUV driven by his teenage son.

“It’s been 14 years of a journey with my family of grief and questions and confusion and anger and, God, are we going to survive this?” said Chapman. “How are we going to survive this? For a guy who’s a fixer, to ultimately face the most unfixable thing you could ever imagine as a parent, as a husband – How am I going to lead my family through this – knowing that most marriages and families don’t survive the loss of a child because grief and that kind of grief is so devastating?” 

In February, Chapman released a new version of “Don’t Lose Heart,” featuring country singer Mitchell Tenpenny.  The song’s chorus says:

Don’t lose heart, don’t you darе let go
I’ve been wherе you are, you are not alone
I know it gets dark, I know it gets hard
But we’re gonna make it home
So don’t lose heart

Notably, the chorus to “His Eyes” also touches on the idea of God’s faithfulness: 

And His eyes are always upon us
His eyes never close in sleep
And no matter where you go
You will always be in His eyes
In His eyes