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11 Totally Honest Responses to the Church Meet and Greet

7. You cross the aisle and get shot down.

Then, in an act of complete defiance, no one is letting you in the game. Your inner voice cries out, “Why did you cross the aisle!”

8. Finally, you find someone, but they share their life story.

You weren’t looking for a novel, just a polite hello. Why are they still talking?


9. They won’t stop talking, even when it’s over.

You start to panic. You’re the only two people still standing! When will it end?! Stay calm. Stay calm.


10. They finally notice everyone else is done and sit down.

A wave of relief comes over you. It’s finally over. And you survived.


11. You take a seat and think, “That wasn’t so bad.”

But on the inside, you feel like a champion.


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