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You Are Up to the Task Whether You Feel Like It or Not

up to the task

Deep in the heart of every leader I’ve ever met lurks a daunting question that casts a shadow over every major challenge we ever face:

Am I up to the task?

When I went to take the test for my driver’s license… When I enrolled in college… When I bought the ring to propose… When my babies came along… Am I up to the task? Or am I destined for failure? And since I’m probably not up to this (we tell ourselves), maybe I should go ahead and sabotage it.

Such are the thoughts that, at least subconsciously, go through our heads as we make decisions in life.

We sometimes sabotage by shirking responsibility and self-medicating through addictive behavior – drugs, alcohol, porn, gaming, etc. Others of us just go numb, becoming “yes” men to the tyranny of mediocrity.

For some who have already made the tragic choice of shutting down and checking out, this is a call to repentance and revival.

For those still wrestling with the decision, it’s a call to an awakening.

As I coach ministry leaders, I hear it in their voices too. I started planting this church… I’ve stepped into a church needing to transition… We’ve launched a capital campaign… Am I up to this?

Yep. You are.

Before you think I’m going all toxic positive-thinking on you, know that I agree with the scriptures which declare that “in me, that is in my flesh, dwells no good thing.” (Romans 7:18) Apart from the One who is the Vine, I’m a dying branch (John 15).

Without him, I am nothing. But with him and through him and because of him, everything is different.

Let me just drop a few reasons why you are, indeed, up to the tasks God has set before you to accomplish.

You Were MADE for This

By virtue of the Designer’s intention, we’ve been born into this world possessing what we need as humans to cope with a human world.

God wired you for the challenges of life. And while we universally rebel and retreat into sin, we’re still designed to be adequate for the tasks of life. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. You were selected, from the womb, for all of the assignments God has in store for you.

You Were RE-made for This

If you’ve followed Jesus, you’ve been born again, made right, freed forever from condemnation, spared from God’s wrath, and totally re-created as a masterpiece that puts on display the powerful, fruitful grace of God.

You were broken and headed in the wrong direction. Now, you’re on the right track. Your nature has been transformed.