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The First Thing You Must Do To Become a Dynamic and Innovative Leader

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Approximately 20 years ago, CEO Refresher wrote, “Dynamic leaders—no matter where they are in the organization—embrace change and make it happen. They fearlessly complete tasks, work with others in a variety of ways, and they combine intelligence, integrity, energy, optimism, and creativity to serve the present, and anticipate and plan for the future.”

The key word is EMBRACE. It is not “change” or “make it happen.” Leaders must first EMBRACE to be dynamic.

Tied to being a dynamic leader is innovation. To be innovative you must have one eye on where you are and another eye on where things will be. The innovator is able to build a path between the two!

Ruts are the opponent of innovation. At first you do what you know. But, the more that you do what you know, you will discover additional “worthy” things, “innovative” things that you know you should do.
At this point is a pivot decision!

If you know what you should do but continue to do what you have always done, you are in rut. But if you know what you should do and then do what you know you should do, you are leading and growing.

A person who is innovative is fundamentally a thinker. Your organization will be as innovative as the message you deliver to a thirsty marketplace.

We do not innovate to be innovative. We are tethered to unique customers and partners that one by one by one require innovation for us to deliver the partnership. We meet them where they are and then build customized systems linking them to the journey to get where they want to go. We must give full attention to their rhythm, pace and flow. You do not engage in innovative partnerships to change people, you partner with people to help them.

This is the essence of dynamic and innovative relationships.

Then I pondered the question all leaders must ask: IS OUR ORGANIZATION DRIVEN BY DYNAMIC AND INNOVATIVE LEADERS?

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.