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What the Good Churches Do Every Week Which Doesn’t Get Talked About Enough

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I am tired of fellow Christians talking about what is wrong with pastors and local churches. The following is a composite story of what happens in the lives of tens of thousands of people every week which does not get talked about enough. And it happens because good churches do things every week which don’t get talked about enough.

What Happens When Good Churches Do What They Do Best

A young man is born into a dysfunctional family.  It is a home filled with abuse, drinking, substance abuse, and pornography.  Heading into his teenage years, his dad leaves the family because he thinks life is just too hard.  The young boy then bounces from house-to-house growing up never finding love or a sense of security.  His new step-mother hates him and eventually kicks him out.

With little options and no perspective, the young man moves in with another dysfunctional family.  But at least he had a home and food to eat.

Heading into his 20s, his career never really gains traction.  He marries but soon discovers he now presides over his own dysfunctional family.  A cycle of generational sin ensues.  He is also stuck in a cycle of poverty.  As the kids get older, his marriage falls apart.  The kids move on.  Now in his 40s, he finds himself all alone.  No family.  No career.  No money.  No options.  No hope.

As he enters his late-40s, the following is his life:

  • In another marriage.
  • Trying manage dysfunctional relationships with adult children.
  • No relationship with his grandchildren.
  • Still in a challenging career.
  • Financial troubles.
  • Emotional struggles.
  • Developing health issues.
  • Ridden by guilt and/or bitterness because of missed opportunities and how life has turned out.
  • Once again, no hope and no options.

This is his existence.  Notice I said “existence” and not “life”.  But God….