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Moving Forward – 5 Indicators of a Strong and Spiritually Healthy Church

3. An Intricate Balance Between Reaching the Lost and Meaningful Spiritual Formation.

There are things in life like blood and oxygen that are never meant to be separated. Reaching the lost and spiritual formation are like that; they were designed by God and commissioned by Jesus to run in tandem together.

Nearly all of us who lead have a slight or strong bent to one or the other, evangelism or discipleship. That’s natural. The beauty of the body of Christ together balances that out.

Knowing your bias, however, is important so you can intentionally make sure you keep reaching people who are far from God and helping them mature in their faith.

In the past, we’ve experienced a little grace in leaning strongly to one side or the other, evangelism or discipleship, but the strong and spiritually healthy churches now and in the future must do both well.

4. A Spirit of Joyful Generosity and Hospitality to Strangers and Guests.

I love the church, and I’m kind of a church geek. I love the people most, but I also appreciate the organization of the church.

One of the reasons I appreciate the organization of the church is because the more organized we are, the more people we can engage with genuine hospitality.

My wife Patti and I can have several people in our home for a meal, dessert, etc., but we hit limits pretty quickly. There’s just the two of us. But the organized church can meet, include, and care for hundreds, and some churches even thousands every week!

When it comes to joyful hospitality, there is something even more important than being organized (prepared) for strangers and guests. That is heart. Joy and generosity come from the heart, and that makes all the difference.

The people who are new to your church, those who are just like you, and those who are different than you intuitively know in a moment if you care. When our hearts are in it, it’s a game changer.

5. Resilient Spiritual Leaders Who Love God and Empower Other Leaders.

More and more leaders are hitting a wall. Fatigue, frustration, and failure … resilience is so needed.

Resilience is formed by several components, such as the people who are closest to you, your ability to handle pressure in healthy ways, and your willingness to slow down to spend time with God.

For help slowing down, check out my new book (a devotional for leaders), Leadership Alone Isn’t Enough.

The lasting power of resilience at a character level comes from God. Our love for Him and His grace toward us allows for amazing renewal.

Resilient leaders can bounce back from setbacks and keep going, but none of us can do it alone.

A significant part of our resilience as leaders comes from our willingness and ability to develop and empower other leaders.

  • Are you investing in other leaders?
  • Do they share the vision with you?
  • Are you willing to let go and let them lead?

No leader can carry everything. We need a team. Are you growing your team, and is your team growing?

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.