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Joseph’s Example of How to Show the Love of Christ to Vulnerable Women and Children

Ultimately, Joseph chose humility and obedience to God in order to become Mary’s spouse and to live out his calling. Without God’s help, Joseph couldn’t have been the husband that Mary needed at this beautiful yet difficult time. 

Without his role as husband to Mary and father to Christ, Joseph would have lost irreplaceable opportunities to show God’s love manifest in the world. But this loss would have been much more than just a “missed opportunity;” it would have been an abdicated blessing. Joseph demonstrated the love of God as he lay down his life in service and love to Mary, his bride. 

Christ’s birth and Joseph’s adoptive fatherhood are part of God’s plan for the “fullness of time,” and serve as an invitation for us to participate in the redemptive work of Christ Jesus. Our homes and families are opportunities to show justice, love, and mercy to vulnerable pregnant women and their precious children. 

That’s why the Holy Family and the family structure laid out for us in Scripture are essential examples for serving and nurturing vulnerable women and children in a post-Roe world. 

Where there are godly men, there will be women and children held safe in love. Where Christians strive to emulate Joseph’s humble and devoted service, we will see true witness to the lavish wisdom, joy, and goodness of God’s gifts to us. Where Christians follow the perfect example of Christ, there will be the ultimate redemption and restoration that is so needed in our world.

As we work to build a truly post-Roe America, let us remember Joseph, a “just man” and faithful servant. Let us recall our own adoption, keeping in mind the gratuitous mercy we have received. As we celebrate this season, let us be reminded to pour out the gift of love and mercy to those who need it most.