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The Problem with Perfectionism

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Perfectionism often leads to a less than desirable outcome.

The Reality Is That Often When Searching for Perfect so Intensely You End up Settling for Mediocrity. 

It could be something simple such as searching for the perfect parking spot or the perfect seat in an auditorium. Or, it could be something big, such as searching for the next “great thing” for your organization.

Something Happens Along the Way Towards Perfect That Leads to an Undesired Outcome. 

  • The best ideas get taken by someone else.
  • You waste all your resources.
  • You run out of time.

Sometimes You Simply Have To Pull the Trigger Even When You Don’t Have All the Answers Yet.

That doesn’t mean you don’t try to answer any questions that you can. You should eliminate as much risk as possible. Pray. Seek wise counsel. Investigate. Take small steps. (Everything big once began small.)

But as a leader, I’ve seldom been 100% sure when we’ve made major decisions.

And who knows, when you take chances, you just might end up at perfect.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.