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12 Sticky Issues Facing Pastors’ Wives

5. Experiencing broken confidences.

Pastors wives need people outside of the church they can confide in. Consider interacting with a life coach.

Exercise caution with whom you trust to hold a confidence that is really important.

6. Frequently moving.

Moving around is hard. Starting over is hard on your family.

But I believe each opportunity gives you a new start to use what you’ve learned from your last ministry and develop not only yourself, but the new congregation you are a part of.

7. Being viewed as a second-class person.

Viewing pastors wives as a “second-class” citizen is hurtful, not to mention sinful.

Be careful how much time and energy is spent with these individuals. But do pray for them.

8. Lacking support groups.

Find support from other pastors wives outside the church, as mentioned earlier. (See “Broken confidences” above.)

9. Not having date nights.

Make a commitment with your husband for a date night once a week, no matter what!

Even if you have a date night in, make it special and time focused only on your relationship–without distractions.

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