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13 Habits That Torch Pastors With Burnout Like You Every Day

pastor burnout

Perhaps the autopsy metaphor is not the best choice. After all, the person is not deceased. But the pastor who is burned out feels like life is draining out. Unfortunately, I have spoken with too many pastors for whom pastor burnout is a reality or a near reality.

Lessons from Pastor Burnout

What lessons can we learn from those pastors who burned out? Allow me to share 13 lessons I have learned from those who have met this fate. They are in no particular order.

1. The pastor would not say “no” to requests for time.

Being a short-term people-pleaser became a longer-term problem.

2. The pastor had no effective way to deal with critics.

I plan to deal with this issue more in the future. What types of systems do effective leaders put in place to deal with criticisms so they respond when necessary but don’t deplete their emotional reservoirs?

3. The pastor served a dysfunctional church.

Any pastor who leads a church that remains dysfunctional over a long period of time is likely headed toward burnout.

4. The pastor did little or no physical exercise.

I understand this dilemma, because I have been there in the recent past.

5. The pastor did not have daily Bible time.

I continue to be amazed, but not surprised, at how this discipline affects our spiritual health, our emotional health and our leadership ability.