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Five Kinds of Thinkers Every Pastor Must Know

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As I think about the guys I’ve mentored, what strikes me is how differently they think. In rummaging through some old files, I found this little piece on different kinds of thinkers. (I know I didn’t write it, so kudos to whoever I stole it from!) Once I know how a guy thinks, I can better challenge him to think through an issue and make a good decision.

Five Kinds of Thinkers

1. Analytical Thinker

They see all sides of a problem, weigh the possibilities against each other, and reach a decision. They have a realistic view of current circumstances as well as a view of the future results of their present decisions.

2. Intuitive Thinker

They have little regard for heavy analysis but respond because ‘it feels right.’ They quickly respond with sensitivity to the joys and trials of others. They may make decisions on the emotion of the moment, disregarding the long-term results of those decisions.

3. Creative Thinker

Their ideas are far out and ahead of the majority of the crowd. They love new, imaginative, innovative ways to approach life. Their minds are fertile and active. They often generate 10 ideas to every one that can be effectively implemented, but that doesn’t discourage their flow of ideas. They discard the other nine and keep right on thinking.