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A Guide to Effective Preaching – Introduction. Explanation. Application.

“Be willing to get uncomfortable so you can earn the right to talk to your friends about Jesus.”

5. Under the “INTRODUCTION (10 minutes)” section write the words Jab 1, Jab 2, Jab 3, right hook.

Here’s what that will look like:

INTRODUCTION (10 minutes)

Jab 1

Jab 2

Jab 3

Right Hook

For the INTRODUCTION I want you to think like a boxer.

What most preachers do—especially in this day when preachers overreact to Andy Stanley and swing in the opposite direction and try to make themselves into Matt Chandler—is they stand up and say, “Open your Bibles to 1 Corinthians 9. We’re in a series called…” and just start talking.

I swear, if you’ve been in the habit of doing that, I will lean over and stab you in the leg with a pencil.

The first 10 minutes of your sermon needs to build like a roller coaster—up, up, up, then downhill a million miles an hour.

That “right hook” information as I call it—“Open your Bibles…”—needs to be the LAST thing you do in your introduction (at nine minutes and 30 seconds in), not the first thing.

In boxing terms, you need to jab, jab, jab for the first 9.5 minutes THEN give them the right hook.

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