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15 Benefits Desperate Leaders Have Over Comfortable Leaders

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The default mode of most leaders is to resist resistance. In fact, most leaders gravitate toward comfort. We want Easter without Good Friday. Our desire is to have a fall harvest without going through the summer drought. We want the gain without the pain. But leaders know this is not possible.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing one of America’s top Christian leaders on the subjects of desperation and comfort. This man is a world-ranked triathlete and corporate leader. As he spoke, I gleaned 15 Benefits Desperate Leaders Have Over Comfortable Leaders. First is the lesson followed by his quote.

  1. Desperate Leaders Force You to Persevere – “You can do an Ironman. You just have to persevere and choose to, on that day, spend a lot of time in agony.”
  2. Desperate Leaders Self-Evaluate and Are More Self-Aware – “I’m shocked at the extent at which comfort matters to me.”
  3. Desperate Leaders Learn to Trust God – “I think I trust God with my money but spend a lot of time figuring out my retirement.”
  4. Desperate Leaders Find Their Approval From God Alone – “I was surprised at how much man’s applause still matter to me.”
  5. Desperate Leaders Often Do Their Best Work – “I think I’ve done the best work in my work but the financials don’t show it.”
  6. Desperate Leaders Have Their Calling Reaffirmed – “I’m certain this is where God has called me.”
  7. Desperate Leaders Experience Personal Growth – “I need this for my personal growth.”
  8. Desperate Leaders Experience Holy Frustration – “One of the things that frustrates me is how easily I go from desperation to ‘(God) I got this.’”
  9. Desperate Leaders Will Live a Life of Faith And Uncertainty – “I need to be desperate every day. ‘(God) You mean for the rest of my life the outcome is going to be uncertain?’”
  10. Desperate Leaders Can Unexpectedly Experience a Sweet Season of Life – “This is the sweetest season because I’m desperate for God.”
  11. Desperate Leaders Can Learn Humility – “It’s hard to be full of yourself when you’re desperate.”
  12. Desperate Leaders Often Have More Healthy Relationships – “I have never been closer to more folks that encourage me daily.”
  13. Desperate Leaders Need Desperation – “I find myself needing desperation.”
  14. Desperate Leaders Develop a New Definition Of Success – “We are succeeding because we’re doing what God’s called us to do. Just not by historical definition.”
  15. Desperate Leaders Develop a New Perspective – “Are you really struggling because you’re not selling as many goods as you’d like to?”

Leaders, I have two questions for you. Are you persevering? Are you desperate? If not, you will never be as successful as you could be.

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