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4 Ways to Recharge That Are Easy to Discredit

how to recharge

A while back, I felt backed into a corner. No one was pointing a finger in my face, I was simply asked a question, “What kind of things are you interested in?” I felt trapped by my lack of ability to answer the question.

I felt bullied by my circumstances.

I didn’t like feeling one-dimensional.

It seemed to me that the question should have been easy to answer.

What if I asked you the same question? Would you feel as awkward as I did?

Let’s give it a try.

What do you like to do in your free time?

How are you recharging?

What habits do you practice that help you stay healthy?

As leaders, it’s easy to overlook or even discredit the need to recharge. We forget that it’s not a badge of honor to only be busy with the church or business. You may even be fearful that if you take a break you’ll miss new opportunities. I want to suggest designating time to recharge will help you identify new possibilities that you would have missed if you had never done so.

Below are four ways that have helped me to become a more well-rounded person.

They’ve also helped me to identify more deeply with the uniqueness of who God has created me to be. 

1.  Exercise

In my late-20s, I started working out a few days a week because my older friends in their 30s kept saying to me, “Just wait until you turn 30, everything goes downhill.” I didn’t want to be a guy in my 30s making excuses. So, I started making changes